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Webinar – business plan

Why Your Business Needs a Business Plan

Every business, regardless of its stage or industry, must have at least a basic business plan. A business plan provides strategic direction, enabling you to negotiate business opportunities and serves as the gateway to securing funding. Join this workshop to learn how to ensure your business has a proper business plan.


Webinar – Design

Customer-Centric Design

Is Your Business User-Friendly? Boost Your Business With Practical UX Insights and Quick Fixes


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Our New York mentors

WE HELP BUSINESS and career-minded individuals meet their goals by matching them with mentors from our wide base of experienced, successful professionals and businesspeople.

Level Eight’s New York mentor pool includes hundreds of individuals who are prominent in the fields of business strategy & planning, business operation, manufacturing & product development, sales, marketing & public relations, finance, law, and technology. All are ready to offer a wealth of guidance and insight.

Featured mentors

Shmuly Goldman

founded and served as COO of Intrasphere Technologies, leading the pharmaceutical consulting firm to its place as one of the leading Life Sciences agencies in the world. Shmuly is available to help you plan your business strategy and systems.

Business Strategy & Planning

Yisroel Swimmer

 is a seasoned Chartered Accountant with a distinguished track record in financial leadership roles, currently serving as the CFO at Studio Corp. In this role, he plays a pivotal part on the board, having steered the company through significant growth phases, from 40 to 700 employees, and successfully executing two private equity transactions.

With profound expertise in finance, technology, and organizational operations, he leverages these skills to enhance operational efficiency and financial management. His previous roles include Chief Financial Officer at GLK Global Capital, a private equity capital fund, where he provided hands-on guidance for portfolio companies and oversaw numerous real estate transactions. Prior to this, he spent many years at Grant Thornton, serving as a Senior Manager. There, he led technical training, SOX implementation, and corporate finance work for both public and private companies.

Utilizing his strategic acumen and extensive financial experience, Yisroel excels in advising on start-up feasibility, company efficiency, and various aspects of business life cycles

General business processes, business planning and strategic management

Esther Reizes-Lowenbein

has redefined the face of real estate by offering professional and on-demand service. Esther services the commercial real estate market, as a realtor, investor and syndicator/fund manager. She has successfully closed a record volume of transactions and raised a significant amount of CRE equity across several assets, all within 5+ years. She is recognized as a “serial net-worker” and has a knack at connecting buyers, sellers and investors.

Esther holds a master’s degree from Adelphi University. She is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. She takes great pride in her wonderful children. Additionally, Esther, together with her husband are extremely active in their community and run a non-for profit, providing relief for underprivileged individuals.

Sales, Marketing & Public Relations

Nussie Sternberg

Is the CEO of Greenhill Trading with over 25 Years of experience building and managing a leading online business. A master of systems and processes Nussi has a knack for understanding the inner workings of a business as well has creating systems to mange the financial and operational processes.

Operations , Financial Management, Growth and Amazon platform strategies

Kayla Kramer

is the founder of Lullaby Baby, a unique Brooklyn baby and nursery shop, having built a thriving business while juggling the myriad responsibilities of entrepreneurship and family life. Kayla is available to help women identify and achieve their business goals.

Product Development

Yehuda Berg

is a Business and Financial Consultant, Director of Financial Services at COJO of Flatbush, and a Business Consultant at CHYE with many years of experience in the business and finance industries. Yehuda helps young entrepreneurs develop business plans, create structures, identify loan opportunities, gain financial literacy, and lean into networking.

Business Plans, Licensing

Daniel Cotlar

Chief Marketing Officer at He led the company from startup days to more than $200mm in annual sales before selling to the Home Depot, staying on for 4 years to position it for success within the Home Depot as the center for all configurable products.

With a career spanning from startups to Fortune 100 and an MBA from Rice University, Today he supports future business leaders as an investor, advisor and board member of growth companies including Braincheck, Spruce, Synapse, and Tiff’s Treats.

VC, Marketing, Business Model

Yossi (Joe) Apfelbaum

is the founder and CEO of Ajax Union, a cutting-edge digital marketing agency that takes small and mid-size businesses to the next level. Yossi is ready to work with you to create and implement top-notch sales, marketing and PR strategies.

Sales, Marketing, Public Relations

Yitzy Geisinsky

is the founder and CEO of Alacrity Energy, an independent turn-key facilitator of alternative energy, saving clients time and cost on their solar installation projects, and a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience. Yitzy is available to help entrepreneurs who are in the startup stage with planning, analysis, prioritization, and finding unique opportunities.

Start-Up Planning, Analysis

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